May 24

1930 Dodge Pick Up. Farmer goes to Market City.

1930 Dodge Pick Up: I was lucky to capture this vintage Dodge pick up, and what is extraordinary about this vehicle is its sheer originality. The faded blue paint almost looks as if it’s the original factory colour along with the rest of the 1930’s body work. God knows, it may be one of those exciting barn finds literally being driven home. No doubt the owner is fed up with people asking him about the model and year the pick up is, so he’s welded ‘1930 Dodge” to rear gate to make it quite clear.

1930 Dodge Pick Up 1930 Dodge Pick Up radiator 1930 Dodge Pick Up 1930 Dodge Pick Up 1930 Dodge Pick Up Dodgel Brothers Club sticker 1930 Dodge Pick Up

Feb 09

Holden HZ One Tonner. Back in flat black.

Holden HZ One Tonner: I often go cruising through industrial areas in search of interesting classic cars as many workers here have fine tastes in motor vehicles. Certainly I was rewarded on this occasion with a Holden HZ one tonner. Alloy checker plate rear tray and also interesting is the flat black paint job which is sort of in vogue these days, probably as a result of the Rat Rodders…no need to shiny paint to get scratched and faded. Nice product placement for Chamberlains Auto Electrics well 😉

Holden HZ One Tonner Holden HZ One Tonner Holden HZ One Tonner