May 19

MG TC Owners Club Day 2012

The MG TC Owners Club of WA held its annual show and shine concours held at Matilda Bay, Crawley the 26 February 2012.

Weather was pleasant and 42 cars (not all TC’s though) were at the event. The location was well chosen, being centrally located and generally well serviced with plenty of parking and toilets nearby.

I’ve always felt the T series MG’s do look quite quaint and rather a fragile looking car…and on closer inspection they are fragile, hence TC = Take Care. I’m guessing these cars are in the category where fixing them is a very hands on affair and is something that can be done with fencing wire if the need arose (like in the outback…(Armadale)). This does have some appeal when compared to more modern vehicles (which break down also, by the way). And like the old saying goes, if it can’t be fixed with fencing wire, then it can’t be fixed!

I can’t see myself getting into a TC in the near future, so in the mean time I’ll just appreciate TC’s by looking only.
Complete album of photos from this event at Brakehorsepower Classic Parked Cars Facebook page.

And now, photos of the TC Owners Club Day…

1948 MG TC Black
1948 MG TC Midget


MG TC red
Rear view of MG TC


MG TC steering wheel & dash
MG TC steering wheel & dash


1949 MG TC Midget
1949 MG TC Midget


1949 MG TC steering wheel & dash
Cockpit of the ’49 MG TC Midget. Check that fire extinguisher and whiskey flask in the door side pocket


MG Supercharged
Supercharged MG under going some quick repairs for fix a fuel leak.


 MG TC midget
MG TC midget


MG TC #4617
MG TC Midget #4617


MG TC 4617 badge
MG TC 4617 badge


Under the bonnet of MG TC #4617
Under the bonnet of MG TC #4617


MG TC number 1380
MG TC number 1380 get a tidy up prior to judging.


Other MG’s at the event.

As usual, there’s often a few gate crashers to events  like these…


1950 MG TD Midget
MG TD Midget, 1950 model presumably.


1949 MG TD Midget
1949 MG TD Midget owned by Edward Floate.


MG Y Type
MG Y Type Saloon


One of several MG TF’s at the event.


another MG TF
Another MG TF


1958 MG Magnette ZB
1958 MG Magnette (ZB?)


1936 MG SA supercharged
1936 MG SA supercharged 2.2 litre 6 cylinder. Original two tone green paint scheme.

About this car:

Bought new in 1936 in Newcastle, NSW by a Mr Dudley who owned it until 1964 which was then sold and driven to WA by its then owner. It remained in WA up until it was bought and sold in the mid 1980’s and then went to Adelaide. The car went up for sale in 1998 when it was spotted in ‘Unique Cars Magazine’ and bought by the present owner who has restored much of the body work and installed a much needed supercharger (this heavy car really needs it). The car still has the original motor and gearbox.

Supercharger on the 1936 MG SA
Front mounted supercharger and single SU carby on the 1936 MG SA.


6 cylinder engine MGSA
6 cylinder engine of the MG SA


MG SA interior
Leather and wood interior of the MG SA.



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