May 19

MG TC Owners Club Day 2012

The MG TC Owners Club of WA held its annual show and shine concours held at Matilda Bay, Crawley the 26 February 2012.

Weather was pleasant and 42 cars (not all TC’s though) were at the event. The location was well chosen, being centrally located and generally well serviced with plenty of parking and toilets nearby.

I’ve always felt the T series MG’s do look quite quaint and rather a fragile looking car…and on closer inspection they are fragile, hence TC = Take Care. I’m guessing these cars are in the category where fixing them is a very hands on affair and is something that can be done with fencing wire if the need arose (like in the outback…(Armadale)). This does have some appeal when compared to more modern vehicles (which break down also, by the way). And like the old saying goes, if it can’t be fixed with fencing wire, then it can’t be fixed!

I can’t see myself getting into a TC in the near future, so in the mean time I’ll just appreciate TC’s by looking only.
Complete album of photos from this event at Brakehorsepower Classic Parked Cars Facebook page.

And now, photos of the TC Owners Club Day…

1948 MG TC Black
1948 MG TC Midget


MG TC red
Rear view of MG TC


MG TC steering wheel & dash
MG TC steering wheel & dash


1949 MG TC Midget
1949 MG TC Midget


1949 MG TC steering wheel & dash
Cockpit of the ’49 MG TC Midget. Check that fire extinguisher and whiskey flask in the door side pocket


MG Supercharged
Supercharged MG under going some quick repairs for fix a fuel leak.


 MG TC midget
MG TC midget


MG TC #4617
MG TC Midget #4617


MG TC 4617 badge
MG TC 4617 badge


Under the bonnet of MG TC #4617
Under the bonnet of MG TC #4617


MG TC number 1380
MG TC number 1380 get a tidy up prior to judging.


Other MG’s at the event.

As usual, there’s often a few gate crashers to events  like these…


1950 MG TD Midget
MG TD Midget, 1950 model presumably.


1949 MG TD Midget
1949 MG TD Midget owned by Edward Floate.


MG Y Type
MG Y Type Saloon


One of several MG TF’s at the event.


another MG TF
Another MG TF


1958 MG Magnette ZB
1958 MG Magnette (ZB?)


1936 MG SA supercharged
1936 MG SA supercharged 2.2 litre 6 cylinder. Original two tone green paint scheme.

About this car:

Bought new in 1936 in Newcastle, NSW by a Mr Dudley who owned it until 1964 which was then sold and driven to WA by its then owner. It remained in WA up until it was bought and sold in the mid 1980’s and then went to Adelaide. The car went up for sale in 1998 when it was spotted in ‘Unique Cars Magazine’ and bought by the present owner who has restored much of the body work and installed a much needed supercharger (this heavy car really needs it). The car still has the original motor and gearbox.

Supercharger on the 1936 MG SA
Front mounted supercharger and single SU carby on the 1936 MG SA.


6 cylinder engine MGSA
6 cylinder engine of the MG SA


MG SA interior
Leather and wood interior of the MG SA.



May 09

Big Al’s Poker Run 2012 – Part 3

Part 3 of photos from Big Al’s Poker Run 2012…..

Complete album of photos from Big Al’s Poker Run 2012 on Brakehorsepower Classic Parked Cars Facebook page.

Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger with 340 magnum V8


Ford Edsel
Edsel by Ford, with an aptly named number plate of ‘LEMON’. Has time forgiven the Edsel? Sadly no. Never the less, this particular car is a great example .


Buick LeSabre 400 Convertible
Buick LeSabre 400 Convertible


Chrysler by Chrysler
Chrysler by Chrysler.

Chrysler by Chrysler
Chrysler by Chrysler. Rear and interior.


1967 Falcon XR GT
1967 Falcon XR GT


Red Cadillac
A large red Cadillac. Model and year unknown.


Ford Fairlane Convertible
Ford Fairlane Convertible


Falcon XA GT
Falcon XA GT hardtop


Holden Torana SLR5000
Holden Torana SLR5000


Chrysler by Chrysler hardtop
Chrysler by Chrysler hardtop


1963 Chevy Impala
1963 Chevy Impala


1957 Ford Customline
1957 Ford Customline


May 06

Big Al’s Poker Run 2012 – Part 2

More photos from Part 2 of Big Al’s Run 2012:

Complete album of photos from Big Al’s Poker Run 2012 on Brakehorsepower Classic Parked Cars Facebook page.

Ford Falcon XM ute
Ford Falcon XM ute. Looks like this one is fitted with a 289 V8.


HR Holden with V8
HR Holden fittied with 308 V8


Interior of the HR Holden
Interior of the HR Holden


VH Valiant Hardtop
VH Valiant Regal Hardtop. 318 V8


1969 HK Holden Premier
1969 HK Holden Premier


Chevrolet Caprice Classic
Chevrolet Caprice Classic


Holden WB panel van
Holden WB panel van. One of the most impressive vehicles displayed at Big Al’s this year.


WB Holden panel van interior
WB Holden panel van interior. The ultra white upholstery was equally impressive.


Inside the back of the WB Holden panel van
Inside the back of the WB Holden panel van. Looks like pole dancing can be done in here.


Mercury Low Fat Lead5led
Mercury Low & Fat ‘LEAD5LED’. Owned by Gary Ritson. A spectacular paint job which is second to none. This car was featured at the 2008 WA Street Machine & Hotrod Exhibition.


Ford Mustang and Thunderbird
Fords: Mustang and Thunderbird


Bolwell Mark 7
Bolwell Mark 7

Bolwell Mark 7 rear
Bolwell Mark 7 rear


1964 Mercury Comet Caliente
1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. Owned by the Coleman family.


1974 Corvette Stingray
1974 Corvette Stingray


Ford Galaxie XL
Ford Galaxie XL


Buick Riviera GS
Buick Riviera GS

Buick Riviera GS
Buick Riviera GS. Check the ‘boat tail’ rear and 455ci V8 engine.


Ford Falcon XP ute
1966 Ford Falcon XP ute


1970 Dodge Challenger
1970 Dodge Challenger. Equipped with the big 440ci V8.


1953 Buick sedan
1953 Buick sedan with straight 8 engine.


1932 Chevy Hotrod
1932 Chevy Hotrod


Rat rod: ‘RATBILT’ from Chuckys Chop Shop. Has the Ford flathead V8 with bare essentials in true rat rod style.

Rear view of RATBILT
Rear view of RATBILT…yes that’s a rat on the back.


Another 'Junk Yard Rat' Rod - DLVRNCE
Another Ratrod …’Junk Yard Rat’ – DLVRNCE.

 Check the wooden tray on this ratrod
As part of the ratrod style, there no need for chrome or even paint. Bare wood will do for the ute tray…and rust is a feature.

Engine and interior of ratrod
Engine and interior of this ratrod. Rusty rocker covers and makeshift parts.


1955 Cadillac
1955 Cadillac


Oct 28

WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular 2011

The 15th annual WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular was on again over the weekend August 27 & 28, 2011. The venue again was the Burswood Dome which has been the home for this event for quite a few years, although with talk of the Dome itself being subject to redevelopment plans, the future of the event here was uncertain. However, for the time being, plans for the Dome have been put on hold so the show is safe for another year, at least. With the uncertainty of the Domes’ future an issue, the organisers chose this year’s theme of ‘Destruction’.

Parking at the Dome was tight as it has been in previous years shows…but if you were lucky you could score spot near a classic car such as a Ford Galaxy, 56, 57 Chev or Mustang, but no luck this time for me, in fact it was way over the road for a parking spot.

The entrance to the Dome had a line up of American and Aussie muscle cars to whet your appetite for the main show. Though not part of the official show, these cars are certainly worth an eyeball, and is surprising to see what classics roll up…as there is a steady flow muscle cars arriving and departing all the time, and is well worth waiting around to see what cars show up.

Things I liked about this show:

  • Awesome display of exhibitors cars & interesting display of spectator cars at entrance
  • Centrally located and easy to get to at Burswood Dome
  • Open over 2 days
  • Show is under cover
  • Food and drink available with plenty of seating & toilets

And things I didn’t like:

  • The destruction theme was a little negative I thought and perhaps to those spectators who didn’t read the show guide, probably wondered what all the dynamite, hammers and wrecking balls has to do with hotrods and muscle cars. A little different from freedom type themes such as beach, 50’s, rock n’ roll as you’d expect for this genre. Not to mention the thought of any associated destruction next to some these works of art is almost sacrilege.
  • The band, Fossil Rock whilst ok, I didn’t think got into the groove. I prefer more rockabilly, Hank Williams and early Elvis style…and a real double bass please!

Car Spotting Spectator Cars….Outside the Entrance:

 Chevrolet Camaro 350Chevy Camaro RS 350


1957 chev 2 door coupe1957 Chev 2 door coupe “ITS A GAS”


1964 Chevrolet Nova1964 Chevy Nova with 350 V8 and auto transmission


1937 Ford1937 Ford street rod


1951 Ford Custom1951 Ford Custom “OLD 51”


Dodge KingswayDodge Kingsway RHD (Aussie assembled perhaps?)


Chevrolet Impala 3271966 Chevrolet Impala 2 door with 350 V8 (although has 327 badge)


1955 Chev Belair Sports Coupe1955 Chev Bel Air Sports Coupe


Holden HR Premier X21967 HR Holden Premier X2. Great to see one of these again.


Holden HK MonaroHolden HK Monaro


Ford Galaxy with 390 V8Ford Galaxy with 390 V8


Ford ThunderbirdFord Thunderbird


Inside… the main show:

Holden HK Monaro1968 Holden HK Monaro “MY68HK”: Features 383 Stroker, Turbo 350 transmission, air bag suspension, silver mink paint.


 1964 Ford Falcon XM Coupe1964 Ford Falcon XM. This Falcon is owned by Kristie Hudson with an engine that produces a staggering 1500HP. Engine is a 526 cubic inch Keith Black racing engine with a 14-71 Hi Helix supercharger, coupled to a 2 speed power glide and then to a fully floating 9 inch diff…Awesome!


1937 Ford Tudor by Nunzio FerraloroNunzio Ferraloro’s 1937 Ford Tudor “Slamback”. Features a 5.7 Chev EFI Vortec, Turbo 700 transmission, Ford 9 inch diff, Ford 4 wheel disk brakes.


Under the bonnet of SlambackSurprise! Under the bonnet of the 1937 Ford Slamback is a work of art…and I’m not talking about the engine!


 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan1932 Ford Tudor Sedan.


Pig Iron by Mal & Bev Foord“Pig Iron” by Mal & Bev Foord. Features 302ci Windsor, C4 transmission, Jaguar LSD diff and Jaguar frontend. 


1958 Chevrolet Belair

 1958 Chevrolet Belair Sports Sedan1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Sports Sedan by Craig & Julie Cooper. Equipped with 350ci small block, T400 transmission, Airide air bag suspension & 9 inch LSD.

 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback1969 Ford Mustang Fastback “Iron Rod” by Sam & Linda. 351ci Cleveland, Twin Research carbies, C4 gearbox, 9 Inch diff.


Dark horse, light horse - good and evilThe Iron Horse bonnet features some exceptional artwork, with a light horse and dark horse depicting good and evil. Simply incredible.


1923 Model T Ford1923 Model T Ford “Lizzie” by Andrew Morgan. 30 Small block Chev with T400 transmission, 8″ compact Ford Diff


1973 Torana GTR XU11973 Torana GTR XU1 owned by Rex Scott


 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air1953 Chevy Bel Air. Colour is candy apple gold + pearl white. 350ci Chev, TH400 with lokar shifter, Ford 9 inch diff. The Chevy took 5 years build and result is amazing.

1953 Chevrolet Bel Air

 Holden Rodeo Ute1995 Holden Rodeo Ute by Joe Suvalko. Fitted with Chev LS1 Gen III V8


BOSS HOSS BHC3 ZZ4 350 V8 MotorcycleBOSS HOSS BHC3 ZZ4 350 V8 Motorcycle. If you think having a Chevy 350 in your car is pretty good, imaging having a 350 in your bike! That’s exactly what the BOSS HOSS BHC3 ZZ4 has for an engine. The motor is liquid cooled and has an output 355HP. This is coupled to a proprietary 2 speed semi automatic transmission which also has reverse.

 Chevrolet Club of Western Australia Display

1951 Chevrolet1951 Chevrolet Sedan


1942 Chevrolet1942 Chevrolet Convertible


1922 Chevrolet1922 Chevrolet Model 490 “Magoo”. Restored by Tony Hoffman in 1997. Sold new in 1922 to the Garden family of Kellerberrin W.A.


Ford Owners Club of WA

Ford Fairlane 500 with 260 V8Ford Fairlane 500 with 260 V8 (1963?)


1956 Ford Fairlane V81956 Ford Fairlane V8

 1956 Mercury Monterey1956 Mercury Monterey. Has 312ci Y block V8 & Mercomatic auto transmission


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