Jun 19

Perth 2014 Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular Review

A big day out at the Perth 2014 Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular and as usual I made a special effort to check the car park of the event which provided some great shots of spectators cars. While this may sound a little strange, I’ve found spectators have great taste in their classic cars and well worth a look. Ironically, one punter expressed the same sentiment to me and even said the cars in the car park are “better” than those in the show.

Put it this way, the cars in the car park are part of the show anyway 😉 So I’ve divided the photos into car park photos and show photos.

This year’s theme seemed to be a western / outlaw setting. Staff however failed to dress the part unfortunately which would have been a nice touch (such as law enforcement officers perhaps). Though, I guess some may question why a car show needs a theme anyway…but what the heck who’s complaining.

Check the full album of photo’s from the event on the Brakehorsepower Facebook Page.

Captured in the car park:

1946 Mercury Eight
1946 Mercury Eight

Pontiac Catalina
Pontiac Catalina

Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental

1963 Chevy Impala 2 door
Chevy Impala 2 door

Yellow Chevy El Camino Ute
Chevy El Camino Ute

Black HotRod with large V8
Black HotRod

Agent Orange Hot Rod
Agent Orange Hot Rod

turquoise 1957 Chev Belair
1957 Chevy Belair

Dick Johnson XE Falcon Replica race car
Dick Johnson Tribute V8 Ford Falcon race car

Silver & Black Dodge Challenger R/T
Dodge Challenger R/T

Inside the Show:

1974 Mazda RX2 Capella
1974 Mazda RX2 Capella “ROTATN”: Owned by David Cocciolone. Features a “bear” 13b semi bb rotary engine producing 587HP in street tune.

Holden HX Panel Van "VANPYRE"

Holden HX Panel Van "VANPYRE"
Holden HX Holden HX Panel Van “VANPYRE”: An incredible work of art done on this van.

"Sueño De Guerrero" low riding 1963 Chevy Impala
“Sueño De Guerrero” low riding 1963 Chevy Impala. Owned by Roger De Gois who imported it from San Francisco.

1953 Holden FJ Ute
1953 Holden FJ Ute: Owned by Trevor & Marian Floyd. Features a 3.6 V6 engine, T700 transmission and shortened Commodore diff.

"SICKLE", VT Commodore
I thought my old VK Commodore was a nightmare….Unitl I saw this “SICKLE”, VT Commodore by Gas78 Industries.

1971 GT5 Detomaso Pantera
1971 GT5 Detomaso Pantera

1973 Toyota Crown Model M565
1973 Toyota Crown Model M565. Paint is House of Kolar Brandy wine red.

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