Jun 10

Holden FC FE Nationals Perth Day

2102 FE-FC NationalsThe FE FC Holden Car Club of Australia held its 14th Nationals meeting, with the location being set in Perth.

The club arranged it to happen over the Easter break with various events for club members, including a public show and shine day which was held at Supreme Court Gardens on Saturday 7 April …which is where I attended to take these photos.

A great turn out of cars…Many members cars were driven from interstate, which is quite a long and challenging trip. I’d imagine this would be quite an adventure over the Nullarbor and certainly some Slim Dusty CD’s would help pass the time.

The event was well organised and centrally located. A great show!

1959 Holden FE wagon
1959 FC Holden Station Wagon owned by Fred Searston


Holden Grey motor
Holden grey motor with twin carbies. 6 cyl 138ci


1958 FC Holden Panel Van
1958 Holden FC panel van


QATB FC Holden
This FC Holden has been restored to its former use as an ambulance used by the Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade. Vehicle was modified by Hedges Bodyworks and then stationed at Boonah until 17/17/1969. Owner Gary Claypole.


QATB FC Holden
Stretcher and first aid equipment in the QATB Holden


QATB FC Holden
Inside the QATB FC Holden ambulance.


Holden FC sedan rear
FC Special sedan with chrome trim, two tone paint, and of course tow bar.


Green 59 FC Holden
Green, green grass of FC Holden home


 FC Holden ute
Holden FC utility owned and restored by Phillip Ivanov. Features a 138 grey motor with mild cam, twin carbies, speco headers, 3 speed manual and 3.36 ratio diff.


FC Holden australiana beach van
Check out Graham Cran’s 1959 FC panel van. An Australiana beach themed van, sort of like a celebrating Aussie beach culture.


Rear of the FC surf van
Rear of Graham’s van is filled with iconic images from 50’s and 60’s.


 Picture of Australian Legend FC Holden
An interesting poster print of the ‘Australian Legend’ FC Holden


PC holden compliance plate
Compliance plates on Graham Cran’s FC Holden van.


Werro electrical FC Holden van
Another FC work van. This one belongs to Werro Electrical (of NSW presumably from the phone number).


 Light blue FC
Light blue FC Holden Special from South Australia


Bill & Judi Wedd's FC Holden
Bill & Judi Wedd’s FC Holden. Has a host of modifications and has top speed of 167Km/h

HIS-FC information sheet
Specifications for the above FC Holden.


The FC with wheel spats and venetian blinds
I love those rear wheel spats…and the venetian blinds in the rear windows are a nice touch also.


FC with spats, roofrack, caravan
Fancy a holiday in the FC. This one is well equipped with caravan, roof rack and of course wheel spats and venetian blinds. Owner is Margaret Saul.


FC with spats, roofrack, caravan and water bag
yes,,, and front mounted water bag also. Keeps the water cool as you drive along.


FC spats,roofrack, caravan
This Holden FC is fully equipped with spats, door striker plates, hood ornaments and badging.


 Don Cadet caravan
Behind the FC is a 1959 Don Cadet caravan


1956 FE Holden sedan
A 1956 FE Holden Special sedan. This one is beautiful condition.


Glenmix Concrete FE Holden
Yet another Holden work vehicle. This FE panel van is still has original “GlenMix Ready Mixed Concrete” logo.


1957 FE Holden Sedan
FE Holden sedan 225 series owned by Bruce Stewart of Victoria

Information board for FE holden
Information board for Bruce Stewart’s FE Holden


1958 FE ute
1958 FE Ute


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