Apr 04

All Triumph and Standard Day 2011

The Triumph Car Club of WA held its All Triumph and Standard Day at Stirling Square, Guildford on November 13 2011. Weather was overcast but otherwise pleasant, together with a good turn out of cars and spectators I declare this car show was a success.

Stirling Square, as I’ve mention before is an excellent location for smaller car shows like this, with plenty of easy parking and facilities such as shops and toilets close by.

There was a nice range of cars on display though mostly it was classic Triumphs from the 1960’s and 70’s such as the TR6’s,TR7’s, Heralds along with Stag’s and bread and butter classics such as the 2500TC’s.

On with the show… I present photos from the All Triumph & Standard Day 2011.

  1957 Triumph TR6 owned by Lyn & Ken Bedwell
1957 Triumph TR6 owned by Lyn & Ken Bedwell

1969 Triumph Vitesse Estate
1969 Triumph Vitesse Estate. 2.5L fuel injected motor, 4 speed overdrive, coilover TR6 rear suspension, Nissan LSD diff centre, double wishbone front suspension, GT40 dash & gauges.

Close up of the Vitesse 6 cylinder engine
Close up of the Vitesse 6 cylinder injected engine

1948 Standard 48A
1948 Standard 48A. Owned by Maree & Milton Sudholz

 1973 Triumph TR6
1973 Triumph TR6

1966 Triumph TR4A
1966 Triumph TR4A

 1974 Triumph Stag
1974 Triumph Stag owned by Paul Storey

Vanguard 6
Vanguard 6

Triumph GT6 MkIII convertible
Triumph GT6 MkIII convertible.

1972 Triumph 2500TC estate
1972 Triumph 2500TC estate. Owned by A. Vrolijk

Triumph 2500TC engine
Triumph 2500TC engine. Very tidy.

1975 Triumph Stag
1975 Triumph Stag

Triumph Stag OHC V8
Triumph Stag with original OHC V8 engine

1976 Triumph Dolomite
1976 Triumph Dolomite. Owned by Paul Goodsell.

 Triumph TR8
Triumph TR8. Powered by Rover 3500 V8.

1958 Standard Super 10
1958 Standard Super 10. Powered by 948cc 4 cylinder engine. 4 speed manual. 2nd owner since new and incredibly still running 2nd set of tyres since new. Currently owned by Barrie Nelson.

Triumph Herald 1200
Triumph Herald 1200

Triumph Herald engine bay
Triumph Herald engine bay

1965 Triumph 4A IRS
1965 Triumph 4A IRS Sport. Paint Lauren Green. Owned by Mal Miller

1964 Triumph 2000 Mk1
1964 Triumph 2000 Saloon Mk1. 2000cc 6 cylinder engine with twin stromberg Zenith carburettors. 4 Speed Syncro gearbox. Finished in British Racing Green. Owned by George Howie.

 1968 Triumph Spitfire
1968 Triumph Spitfire

Triumph 2500TC Saloon
Triumph 2500TC Saloon

Triumph TR6 injection
Triumph TR6 injection


Nov 02

Targa West Rally Car Display Langley Park

As part of the 2011 Targa West Rally, the Perth super stage at Langley Park saw a display of interesting historic racing cars and cars from other car clubs which was combined with the rally event on Sunday 28 August. Amongst the car clubs there were: Vintage Sports Car Club of WA, HSV Owners Club of WA, WA Toyota Car Club, Street Car Racing Association of WA & Triumph Sports Owners Association of WA.

Overall this was a very well organised and planned event by Targa West with a well-chosen central location that was quite accessible. In addition, it had plenty of facilities such as food and toilets provided for the spectators and competitors. Best of all, entry was free!

Vintage Sports Car Club of WA Car Exhibits

1927 San Sebastian Salmson Bartlett Special Race Car             1927 San Sebastian Salmson “Bartlett Special” Race Car. Raced at Brooklands, England in 1932 and was brought to WA in 1935. Raced in the Around the Houses in Albany in 1936, the Victory Grand Prix in 1946, Airforce Flying 50 in 1948 at Caversham race track. Last raced in Narrogin in 1954. Owned by the MacKintosh family since 1939. Restored by Bruce & Barry Mackintosh.


 1928 Buick Replica                  A replica of the 1928 Buick as raced by Eric Armstrong at Lake Perkolilli (near Kalgoorlie). Unfortunately it couldn’t reach the magic 100mph to qualify for the Australian Championship at the 1928 event but did it compete in the Open Handicap race with an average speed of 75mph.


1928 Model A Ford Cactus             1928 Model A Ford. This model A is a replica of the vehicle raced by Ossie Cranston in the early 1930’s in Western Australia. Like many other race drivers at the time in Western Australia, Cranston was car dealer who’s racing exploits was an effective way of promoting his car dealerships. This car was nicknamed ‘Cactus’ and featured in many early hillclimb and racing events. The car was retired in 1932, and Ossie Cranston moved up to a more powerful Ford V8. Cranston retired from racing in 1937. This replica was built by Jack, Rodney and Graeme Cocks.


1929 Triumph Super 7             1929 Triumph Super 7 as driven by Eric Armstrong, the first president of the WA Sporting Car Club.


1935 Lagonda Rapier             1935 Lagonda Rapier. Raced at Lake Perkolilli.


Triumph Sports Owners Association of WA Display – 50th Birthday of the TR4

Triumph TR4 Silver        Triumph TR4 Silver.


Triumph TR4A             1965 Triumph TR4A IRS Sports in Laurel Green


Triumph TR3        Triumph TR3


Triumph GT6        Triumph GT6


Triumph Stag Brown        Triumph Stag in Brown


Triumph Dolomite         Triumph Dolomite


 Triumph 2500 MkII Green        Triumph 2500 MkII Green


Triumph Herald Estate        Triumph Herald Estate


HSV Owners Club of WA

Holden VC Commodore HDT          Holden VC Commodore HDT


Holden VH Commodore SS             1984 Holden VH Commodore SS Group 3


WA Toyota Car Club

Toyota Celica Hardtop Coupe          Toyota Celica Hardtop Coupe


Toyota Celica Liftback          Toyota Celica Liftback


Toyota Crown Station Wagon          Toyota Crown Station Wagon


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