Apr 28

Leyland Mini Clubman

Leyland Mini Clubman: Clubman style Mini from the 1970’s. Not as stylish as the original Mini’s, but had more room under the bonnet and is still a great little car. This one has the front wheel disc brakes, with minilite mags. Also has a GT badge on the side suggesting this a Clubman GT specced car.

White Leyland Mini Clubman White Leyland Mini Clubman White Leyland Mini Clubman White Leyland Mini Clubman

May 15

MGB 50th Anniversary Day 2012

MGB 50th anniversaryThe MG Car Club of Western Australia held a 50th anniversary celebration day for the classic British sports car, the MGB.

There was a good turn out of cars, mostly MGB’s as expected, however several other types of MG’s were present at the event, including MGA’s, TC’s, TF’s and a rare MG SA.

The event was held beside the Swan River at Bayswater Riverside Gardens, which has previously been used by the club for annual events.This venue was excellent, being centrally located with plenty of facilities such as food, drinks and toilets nearby.

A great show put on by the MG Car Club of WA.

Photo’s from the event:

1959 Red MGA owned by Peter Hagarty
1959 Red MGA owned by Peter Hagarty

1959 MGA Green 1600
1959 MGA Green 1600

MGA Twin Cam
The rare Twin Cam MGA

 MGA MkII 1600
MGA MkII 1600

1938 MG SA Tickford
1938 MG SA Tickford Saloon

 1967 MG Midget with 1275cc A series motor
1967 MG Midget Mk III with 1275cc A series motor


1954 MG TF
1954 MG TF

From the information sheet:

  • Model: TF 3719
  • Year: 1954
  • Engine: 1250cc OHV 4 cyl
  • Owners: Rob & Susan Grantham
  • History: Since leave the Abingdon factory on 3rd March 1954, this MGTF has only had three owners. Originally, the car was sold to an owner in Singapore. Later it was owned and used on Christmas Island and other islands by W & N Downey when they were working in the Pacific Region. After they settle in Perth, the dismantled car was sold to Rob & Susan Grantham. Over a five year period this award winning TF was restored in detail by Rob to conform to original factory specifications.

1948 MG TC Midget
1948 MG TC Midget. With XPAG 1250cc 4 cyl. engine. Owned by Alan DavenPort

1964 MGB Roadster
1964 MGB Roadster. Owned by Betty & Reg McKinley

1972 MGB Black
1972 MGB Black US export version

MG RV8. This an updated MGB made in the 1990’s. Some restyling has been done on the outside, and has the 3.9 litre Rover V8 engine.

1962 MG Magnette ZC
1962 MG Magnette ZC Mark IV automatic

MG TF 1500

MGB's on show
MGB’s lined up on show for the 50th anniversary day.


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