Apr 25

Range Rover Classic Idler Pulley Bearing Replacement

Older Range Rovers have an idler pulley tensioner for the fan belt that can occasionally give trouble, and due to the low position, it’s prone to being immersed in water and mud especially if you’ve been going off road and crossing creeks. Water and mud takes it’s toll on this bearing pretty bad leading to premature failure. Fortunately, the bearing is an easy job to replace and will cost under $10 to replace.

Note this is the older V belt pulley not the serpentine belt type as used in the later Range Rover / Land Rovers (which also have similar issues).

 Range Rover Classic tensioner pulley

  1. Remove the whole idler assembly
  2. Remove circlip with circlip pliers. (Without breaking it or letting it fly off).
  3. Drift out center arm. A 7/16″ socket is perfect for this. It should come out fairly easily.

Range Rover Classic tensioner pulley

4. Flip over the pulley and drift out the bearing… again with the 7/16″ socket.

6203 Beraing as used in the Range Rover tensioner pulley

The original bearing has the part number 6203 stamped on it. Dimensions are 40mm (OD) x 17mm (ID) x 12mm (wide).

This bearing is widely available at most bearing shops and can be readily purchased online here:

  1. Ebay Australia 6203 bearings
  2. Amazon 6203 bearings

The bearing is available in different grades such as standard or high speed and quality of either budget Chinese or high quality Japanese.

Fitting new bearing:

Refitting new 6203 bearing to Range Rover tensioner

 Replacement: Drift in the new bearing with large 1 -1/8″ socket and replace the circlip.

Refitting new 6203 bearing to Range Rover tensioner

Fit the arm into bearing center and refit the bolt with nyloc nut. (some aftermarket versions of this pulley may not have the nut & bolt.)

Range Rover fan belt tensioner installed. Line up pulley with crank pulley.

  • Refit the tensioner assembly on the engine. Make sure the idler pulley is lined up properly with the crank pulley so the belt runs straight.
  • Tighten up fan belt.
  • All done!
Feb 11

Back alley Rover 3500 P6 waiting for restoration

Rover 3500 P6 Mark II
A Rover 3500 V8 P6 Mark II. I found this green 1970’s Rover down a back alley, and looks to be a restoration project in waiting. That’s shade cloth covering the vehicle…it won’t stop rain, but I guess it will reduce the interior from being fried by the hot sun.

These Rover 3500’s somehow remind me of British PM, Margaret Thatcher, but perhaps it was Rover P5 model she was fond of rather than the P6.

Rover 3500 P6 Mark II

Rover 3500 P6 Mark II

Rover 3500 P6 Mark II

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