May 15

1950 Vauxhall Velox. Parts needed for restoration.

1950 Vauxhall Velox: Reader Jacob from India is currently in the process of restoring his 1950 model Vauxhall Velox. This car was originally owned and driven by his father for many years and Jacob also took his drivers license in the same car in 1968. Jacob is seeking suspension parts, door handles, badges & trim, lights and a few other parts to bring it back to it’s former glory. Anyone who can help him out with parts and advice can contact Jacob by emailing

1950 Vauxhall Velox 1950 Vauxhall Velox 1950 Vauxhall Velox

Jun 19

Perth 2014 Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular Review

A big day out at the Perth 2014 Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular and as usual I made a special effort to check the car park of the event which provided some great shots of spectators cars. While this may sound a little strange, I’ve found spectators have great taste in their classic cars and well worth a look. Ironically, one punter expressed the same sentiment to me and even said the cars in the car park are “better” than those in the show.

Put it this way, the cars in the car park are part of the show anyway 😉 So I’ve divided the photos into car park photos and show photos.

This year’s theme seemed to be a western / outlaw setting. Staff however failed to dress the part unfortunately which would have been a nice touch (such as law enforcement officers perhaps). Though, I guess some may question why a car show needs a theme anyway…but what the heck who’s complaining.

Check the full album of photo’s from the event on the Brakehorsepower Facebook Page.

Captured in the car park:

1946 Mercury Eight
1946 Mercury Eight

Pontiac Catalina
Pontiac Catalina

Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental

1963 Chevy Impala 2 door
Chevy Impala 2 door

Yellow Chevy El Camino Ute
Chevy El Camino Ute

Black HotRod with large V8
Black HotRod

Agent Orange Hot Rod
Agent Orange Hot Rod

turquoise 1957 Chev Belair
1957 Chevy Belair

Dick Johnson XE Falcon Replica race car
Dick Johnson Tribute V8 Ford Falcon race car

Silver & Black Dodge Challenger R/T
Dodge Challenger R/T

Inside the Show:

1974 Mazda RX2 Capella
1974 Mazda RX2 Capella “ROTATN”: Owned by David Cocciolone. Features a “bear” 13b semi bb rotary engine producing 587HP in street tune.

Holden HX Panel Van "VANPYRE"

Holden HX Panel Van "VANPYRE"
Holden HX Holden HX Panel Van “VANPYRE”: An incredible work of art done on this van.

"Sueño De Guerrero" low riding 1963 Chevy Impala
“Sueño De Guerrero” low riding 1963 Chevy Impala. Owned by Roger De Gois who imported it from San Francisco.

1953 Holden FJ Ute
1953 Holden FJ Ute: Owned by Trevor & Marian Floyd. Features a 3.6 V6 engine, T700 transmission and shortened Commodore diff.

"SICKLE", VT Commodore
I thought my old VK Commodore was a nightmare….Unitl I saw this “SICKLE”, VT Commodore by Gas78 Industries.

1971 GT5 Detomaso Pantera
1971 GT5 Detomaso Pantera

1973 Toyota Crown Model M565
1973 Toyota Crown Model M565. Paint is House of Kolar Brandy wine red.

Feb 09

24 of the best cars at 2014 Big Al’s Poker Run

2014 Big Al’s Poker Run is annual pilgrimage for car enthusiasts from all over Australia. This years event was again up to its usual high standard with stacks of interesting cars you just don’t normally see…anywhere.

The sun was hot and so were the cars!

I’ve selected 24 best of the best cars. Ironically, some of the best cars I saw were spectator cars sitting the car park…almost a car show in itself.

Full album of of 225 unedited photo’s on BrakeHorsePower Facebook page:

1. Valiant VH Charger Six Pack R/T

 Valiant VH Charger Six Pack R/T

 Valiant VH Charger Six Pack R/T

2. Pink Fur Mercedes: God hope it doesn’t rain!

Mercedes covered in pink fur Mercedes covered in pink fur Mercedes covered in pink fur

3. 1964 Chevrolet Impala. Praise the lowered!

1964 Chevrolet Impala. 1964 Chevrolet Impala. 1964 Chevrolet Impala.

4. 1960 Dodge Dart

1960 Dodge Dart red 1960 Dodge Dart red 1960 Dodge Dart red

5. 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible black 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible black

6. 1955 Cadillac Convertible

1955 Cadillac Convertible 1955 Cadillac Convertible red

7. 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod

1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod lime green 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod lime green

8. 1956 Chevrolet Belair

1956 Chevrolet Belair 1956 Chevrolet Belair

9. 1953 Buick Sedan

1953 Buick Sedan

10. 1959 Chevrolet Impala

1959 Chevrolet Impala 1959 Chevrolet Impala 1959 Chevrolet Impala

11. 1957 Chevrolet Belair

1957 Chevrolet Belair red

12. 1969 Volvo 1800S

1969 Volvo 1800S 1969 Volvo 1800S

13. Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird

14. Plymouth Fury III

 Plymouth Fury III silver  Plymouth Fury III silver  Plymouth Fury III silver

15. Tank Fairlane

Tank Fairlane

16. Mustang Mach 1

Mustang Mach 1 Mustang Mach 1

17. HQ Holden SS

HQ Holden SS

18. Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger

19. 1974 Oldsmobile Convertible

1974 Oldsmobile Convertible 1974 Oldsmobile Convertible 1974 Oldsmobile Convertible

20. Chevrolet Corvair Coupe

Chevrolet Corvair Coupe

21. 1973 Leyland P76. Perhaps pink fur would have been better?

1973 Leyland P76 1973 Leyland P76 1973 Leyland P76

22. 1961 Oldsmobile “Bubble Top”

1961 Oldmobile Bubble Top

23. 1960 Chevrolet Impala

1960 Chevrolet Impala purple 1960 Chevrolet Impala purple 1960 Chevrolet Impala purple

24. 1928 Chevrolet

1928 Chevrolet 1928 Chevrolet

Feb 09

20 Great Cars from Big Al’s Poker Run 2013

The 2013 Big Al’s Poker Run was held again, and as usual it was huge. A change of venue this year, it was held at Taylor Street Reserve, Victoria Park, a great location for the event and I consider this an improvement.

Here is a selection of 20 great cars from the 2013 Big Al’s Poker Run meeting start. A full set of 286 photos is available on the Brakehorsepower Classic Park Cars Facebook Album.

Valiant Charger Six Pack

Rat Rod pick up

Holden LC Torana XU1 1966 HR Holden Premier

holden-HR-X2 Ford Galaxie XL Pink FE Holden sedan Dodge Super Bee General Lee Dodge Charger Chevy Impala Coupe white Chevy Impala Coupe red Chevy Impala Coupe with front jacked up Chevy Camaro SS Austin 4WD based on Toyota Landcruiser 1966 Corvette 1963 Lincoln Continental 1960 Cadillac Deville 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 1959 Lincoln Continental VF Valiant 2 door in green

Jul 07

Classic Car Show Whiteman Park 2012 – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Classic Car Show held at Whiteman Park in Perth.

Part 1 is here if you haven’t seen it:

Austin Car Club

 1950 Austin Truck
1950 Austin Truck


1951 Austin A40 Devon
1951 Austin A40 Devon ‘Penelope’ Owned by Ken & Diana Devine.


 1952 Austin A125 Sheerline
1952 Austin A125 Sheerline. Has 6cylinder OHV engine producing 125HP. Owned by Trevor Thackray.


1952 Austin A30
1952 Austin A30


Austin 16/6
1932 Austin 16/6 ‘Colonial Berkeley’. Apparently this is the only known model in the world. Owned by J. Boonzaier.


 The Austin Seven Car Club of WA

Austin Seven Roadster
Austin Seven Roadster Ace 1932. Body made in Victoria. Owned by Jacko Bell


Austin Seven Ruby Saloon
1935 Austin Seven Ruby Saloon. Owned by Ron & Anne Hayes.


 1929 Austin Seven
1929 Austin Seven


Austin Healey Club of WA

Austin Healey 3000
Austin Healey 3000 Mk II BT7.


Austin Healey BN1
1954 Austin Healey BN1 owned by Derek Lamont.


 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1
1958 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1


Holden Car Club of WA

EH Holden Ute
1964 EH Holden Ute


FJ Holden
1954 FJ Holden. Restored to original condition by Mick Deguara.


HT Monaro 350
HT Monaro 350


Holden 48-215 FX
1953 Holden 48-215 FX Sedan. Owned by Len & Joy Douglas.


Holden HK Belmont Ute
Holden HK Belmont Ute


FB Holden
FB Holden. Restored after many years of sitting under a Norfolk Island pine tree at Cottesloe.


Holden EJ Special Sedan
Holden EJ Special Sedan. Owned by Mark Devenys.


HQ Statesman 350
HQ Statesman 350


Walkinshaw VL Commodore
Walkinshaw VL Commodore


HZ Statesman
1979 Holden HZ Statesman SLE


Toploaders Cruise Club

TC Cortina
TC Cortina with 6 cylinder 200ci. What great cars these were. Used to be stacks of these around… where are they now?


Ford Mustang Mach1
1972 Ford Mustang Mach1


 1929 Chevrolet
1929 Chevrolet. Fitted with 283ci small block V8 and Turbo 400 auto transmission. Owned by Rod & Ed Chapman.


VJ Valiant Regal
1974 VJ Valiant Regal 2 door. Fitted with the 265ci engine and 2 barrel carb and auto transmission. Peter & Karen Hocking.


Ford XC Falcon Cobra
Ford XC Falcon Cobra. 5.8 litre 351 V8 of course. Owned by John & Diana Adicoat.


WB Statesman
WB Statesman


The Rover Owners Club of Western Australia

Rover P5B Coupe
Rover P5B Coupe V8 3.5 litre


Rover 2200TC
Rover 2200TC


Rover 90 P4
1955 Rover 90 P4. 6cylinder 2639cc producing 90HP.


Rover 100 P4
1961 Rover 100 P4. 6 cylinder 2625cc, 4 speed with overdrive. Owned by Jim O’Neale.


Rover 3500 P6
Rover 3500 P6.


Cadillac Lasalle Club of Australia

Cadillac late 1940's
Cadillac from the late 1940’s. Could be series 61 or 62. Fitted with a flat head V8.

Cadillac rear view
Rear view of the Cadillac

Cadillac Flathead V8
The Cadillac Flathead V8


Cadillac 1960 Coupe Deville
Cadillac 1960 Coupe Deville


Cadillac Coupe DeVille 1959
1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. The pinnacle of of wing design.


Cadillac 1955
1955 Cadillac


Cobra Car Club of Western Australia

Cobra replica
Cobra replica by Backdraft. Fitted with Ford alloy V8 4.6 litre quad cam, Tremec T5 5 speed transmission, BMW diff, suspension & brakes. Owned by Kevin Wolfe.


Cobra by Boomerang
Cobra by Boomerang. Fitted with Ford 351 V8 Cleveland & C4 auto transmission. Owned by Dave Kent


Cobra Chasis
This is what a Cobra looks like without the body.


Cobra AC
AC Cobra by Alan Gibbison. It took 10 years to build and features a fulel injected Ford 351 Windsor, Tremec TKO 5000 5 speed gearbox with original Cobra brakes and suspension.


Jun 28

Classic Car Show Whiteman Park 2012 – Part 1

The Classic Car Show 2012 at Whiteman Park was on again, and like in previous years it was huge.

The weather was fine thankfully which along with free admission encouraged a large crowd to attend one of Perth’s biggest cars shows of the year.

The event was well organised with plenty of parking, and I wisely arrived early to get a good parking spot so I didn’t need to walk too far, in addition there was stacks of food, displays and the essential toilets.

A great show… and now for Part 1 of the photos.

Studebaker Car Club of Australia

1958 Studebaker Hawke
1958 Studebaker Packard Hawk. 289 V8 Studebaker motor with supercharger. 3 speed auto. Owned by Duane & Daniela Sain.

Studebaker V8
The Studebaker’s supercharged V8 engine.


Studebaker Lark
1962 Studebaker Lark 4 door sedan. 259 V8 motor. owned by Jacko Bell


Studebaker Champion
1951 Studebaker Champion


Studebaker Truck
Studebaker Truck


 Historic Commercial Vehicle Club of WA

 Thames Trader Truck
Thames Trader 50 truck


 Ford F700 truck
1967 Ford F700 7 ton truck. 6 cyl 300ci engine, 5 speed transmission, 2 speed Eaton diff. Owned by Vic & Bard Batty.


David Brown Super Cropmaster
1951 David Brown Super Cropmaster tractor. 4 cyl OHV Petrol engine 35 horsepower. Owned by Tim Batty.


International Loadstar
1969 International Loadstar F1800D


Ford Model TT
1923 Ford Model TT. TT is short for ‘Ton Truck’ however often carried more. Owned and restored by Lindsay Hill who sourced parts from farm junk yards around Bencubbin, Northam and Wagin. This body style is called a huckster and was commonly used around New York, Chicago and other large US cities.


Tractor Museum of Western Australia

Chamberlain Champion
The famous ‘Tail End Charlie’ Chamberlain Champion which acted as a rescue vehicle in the 1955 and 1956 Redex car trial between Perth and Darwin. It also was used in the 1957 Mobilgas Rally around Australia. The gearbox has been modified giving the tractor an incredible top speed of 80 kilometres per hour. Powered by a Perkins 5.5litre  4 cyl diesel.


Massey Ferguson 1100
1967 Massey Ferguson 1100 tractor. Formerly owned by the Main Roads Department of WA. Donated by Ray Dobney and restored by Ernie Manns.


Massey Harris Pacemaker
1938 Massey Harris Pacemaker tractor. 4 cylinder petrol kerosene engine. Made in Wisconsin USA. This tractor spent most of its working life in Broomehill WA and was donated by the Hardie family.


 Massey Ferguson 35
1958 Massey Ferguson 35. Manufactured by Massey Harris Ferguson of Coventry England.


 Vauxhall Owners Club of Australia

Vauxhall Velox
1955 Vauxhall Velox. 6 cylinder 2262cc.


Vauxhall DX
1937 Vauxhall DX Mark II Roadster owned by Robert Ingley. Built by GMH fisherman’s Bend Victoria. Body number 129 out of 257 made. 6 cylinder 1781cc engine 42 horsepower.


 Vauxhall Victor estate
Vauxhall FB Victor estate. Imported model from the UK. 4 cylinder OHV 1508cc. Owned by Ian & Jill Bain.


Vauxhall ASX
1933 Vauxhall ASX


Vauxhall Cresta PADX
Vauxhall Cresta PADX. 6 cylinder. Owned by Jim & Jill Maskell.


Vintage Spark Plug Display

Vintage sparkplugs display
Vintage spark plug display

Vintage sparkplugs display
…and yes more vintage spark plugs. Old spark plugs can be collectible and are often sought after by collectors. 


Bentley Drivers Club of Western Australia

Bentley 1926
Bentley 1926 3 litre Speed.



 Worseley Fourteen
1935 Wolseley Fourteen. This one is equipped with 6 cylinder cross flow OHV engine with 4 speed gearbox. Remarkably good specs for a 1935 car. Has an Australian colonial chassis.


 FESA Vintage Fleet Restoration Group

1959 Dennis-F28
1959 Dennis-F28 Medium Pumper fire truck. In service with the West Australian Fire Brigade from 1959 – 1970’s. Powered by a 6 cylinder petrol Rolls Royce engine and a Dennis 4 speed manual gearbox,


1970 Dennis-F45
1970 Dennis-F45 Heavy Pumper. In service from 1970 – 1994 and is powered by a Rolls Royce straight 8 petrol engine.


1962 Bedford J2 light pumper. In service from 1962 – 1996. Used by the permanent and volunteer fire brigade of WA.


 Chevrolet Club of WA

1957 chevrolet with blue flame 6 cylinder
1957 Chevrolet 2 door coupe with blue flame 6 cylinder


 Chev Impala 1964
Chev Impala 1964


 1928 Chevrolet AB
1928 Chevrolet AB


Chevrolet model 490
Chevrolet model 490. Originally owned by the Garden family of Kellerberrin WA, and restored by the late Tony Hoffman. This is oldest licensed Chevrolet in WA.


1965 Chevrolet Impala
1965 Chevy Impala 2 door coupe with 350 V8.


Chevy Covair Monza Spyder
Chevy Covair Monza Spyder. Looks safe to me.


 Chevy El Camino Ute
1982 Chevy El Camino Ute. Owned by Peter Taylor


1954 Chevrolet Belair
1954 Chevrolet Belair


55′ 56′ 57′ Chevrolet Club of WA 

 1957 Chevy
1957 Chevy with folding front end.

Chevy V8
Chevy V8. Not quite sure of its specs, but it looks great!


 National Corvette Restorers Society of Australia

 1982 Corvette
1982 Corvette


1966 Corvette
1966 Corvette convertible L79 option by the looks of it. (350HP 4BBL 327 V8)


 Black Corvette
1967 Corvette coupe in black.


 Model A Restorers Club of Western Australia

1929 Ford Model A
1929 Ford Model A with Briggs bodied Fordor. Owned by Rob Mawson who took 6 years to restore it.

Ford Model A engine
Under the bonnet showing the flat head Ford Model A engine.

Ford Model A interior
The luxury interior of the Ford Model A.


Riley Motor Club of Western Australia

Riley 2 1/2 Litre
Post war Riley 2 1/2 Litre. Considered a a good performer at the time.


Riley One Point Five
A Riley One Point Five.


Riley Pathfinder
1955 Riley 2 1/2 Litre Pathfinder.


Riley Nine engine
Riley Nine engine. made from 1926 – 1938. Capacity 1087cc. Twin cam (but not overhead cam) producing 27 -46HP depending on tune.

Riley 12 engine
Riley 12 engine. 1496cc. Twin cam (but not overhead cam) producing 54-64HP.

Riley 16 engine
Riley 16 engine. 1937 – 1957 Twin cam (but again, not overhead cam). Cast iron. 2443cc producing 80-110HP.


Riley Elf
The Mini you’re having when you’re having a Riley. It’s a Riley Elf.

Riley Elf
Rear view of the Riley Elf. Those rear wings look like they from the Morris 1100.


Riley Kestrel
1938 Riley 16/4 Kestrel. Brought to WA in 1978 in a dismantled state and restored during 2005-2006. Apparently the former UK owner was one of Britain’s ‘Spymasters’ stationed at a top secret weapons research facility in Wales..



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