About BrakeHorsePower.com

Not everyone drives new cars, and there are plenty of old cars still going strong or perhaps gentley easing into retirement.

Brakehorsepower.com.au brings you the old cars, classic cars, performance and muscle cars, in various stages of repair from rusty to restored.

From loved to unloved. From prized to abandoned. From owned to unfortunately stolen.

I’m searching the streets, the backlots, the country towns to the big cities and even overseas from interesting cars.

Hope you enjoy this ongoing quest to photograph these cool and not so cool cars.


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  1. Came across your website by chance, which is usually the way of the web. Thoroughly enjoying it.
    I love older cars and to see someone photographing them in everyday condition is absolutely fantastic. Seeing certain models and makes brings back a lot of happy memories.

    By the way, I drive a 2000 Daewoo Nubura wagon, I’m its second owner. A very under rated and much maligned car which a lot of folk like to look down on but when its all said and done, its my car and good or bad, I love it to bits.

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