French Car Festival

French Car FestivalThe French Car Festival was on again at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth on 16 October 2011. Weather was fantastic and there was an excellent turn out of vehicles. The main French marques were all well represented including Citroen, Renault and Peugeot.

There was a surprise late arrival of some rather interesting vintage French vehicles such the 1935 Bugatti 57TT, 1924 Amilcar, and a 1926 Citroen B12.

The location was excellent, being centrally located in Perth CBD it was easy to get to… parking was a little expensive at the nearby car park but acceptable. The event date was also well coordinated with another car show event nearby, The Chevrolet 100 year Anniversary, at the Esplanade.

All facitilies were available with food and drink vendors and public toilets closeby. To top it all off, the view of Swan River was brilliant.

Most cars were well documented which was pleasing to see, as my knowledge of some of the more obscure French cars is not the best. Certainly it was good to see some of the Citroen D Special’s again, as these distinctive models are little seen these days.

Simca Car Club

Simca Vedette Beaulieu
Simca Vedette Beaulieu. V8 powered


Simca Vedette Versailles
Simca Vedette Versailles


Simca flathead V8 egine Aquillon
Simca flathead V8 ‘Aquillon’ engine. This small V8 engine was derived the from the classic Ford flat head V8 who owned simca at the time. It has a capacity of 2351cc and fed by a 2 barrel Zenith-Stromberg 32NX carburetor and produced 75 to 84 HP


1963 Simca Aronde
1963 Simca Aronde P60 model. Powered by a 1.3L 4 cylinder engine.


 Peugeot Car Club of Western Australia

Peugeot 403
Peugeot 403


1966 Peugeot 404 Owner Trish Torpy
1966 Peugeot 404 Owner Trish Torpy


1970 Peugeot 404 owned by Gordon Hort
1970 Peugeot 404 owned by Gordon Hort


1985 Peugeot 205 GTi
1985 Peugeot 205 GTi 1600cc owned by Brian Eyre


 Peugeot 504
1978 Peugeot 504. Owned by Sam Ervin


Citroen Pallas CX2400
Citroen Pallas CX2400


Citroen D Special rear view
Citroen D Special rear view


Citroen-D Special engine bay
Citroen-D Special engine bay. Yes that’s the spare tyre in the engine bay!


1963 Citroen D Special
1963 Citroen D Special


Citroen SM
Citroen SM. A high performance Citroen with a V6 Maserati engine.


1948 Citroen Traction Avant Light 15
1948 Citroen Traction Avant Light 15. ‘Traction Avant’ is french for front wheel drive. These Citroens were the worlds first front wheel drive & monocoque construction car to be massed produced.


 1986 Citroen 2CV
1986 Citroen 2CV. Featuring a horizontally opposed, air cooled 2 cylinder 602cc engine. Owned by the Guerini family.


 1962 Renault R4L
1962 Renault R4L. Features a 845cc 4 cylinder engine with a top speed of 108Kph. Owned by Sam and Joan Brown.


1976 Renault R12 Gordini replica
1976 Renault R12 Gordini replica


1964 Renault R8
1964 Renault R8


1959 Renault 4CV
1959 Renault 4CV. Owned by Peter Olsen.


 Renault Alpine A110
Renault Alpine A110. Rear engined sports car made by Alpine and powered by a Renault engine.


 Renault 10 S Sports
Renault 10 S Sports. Rear engined 1108cc 4 cylinder engine producing 54BHP.


 1964 Renault Caravelle
1964 Renault Caravelle Convertible


1965 Renault Caravelle Hardtop
1965 Renault Caravelle Hardtop. From the information sheet:

Type: R1133 fixed Hardtop coupe
Engine: In-line 4 water cooled rear 1108cc push rod 54bhp
Trans: Four speed manual
Brakes: Front and rear disc
Suspension: 4 Wheel Independant
Max speed: 143Kph

Remarks: First produced as a ‘Floride’ in 1959 with Dauphine-Gordini mechanicals. Replaced with R8 -R10 mechanicals in 1962. Styled by ‘Frua’ of Italy and first prototypes were made by ‘Ghia’ of Italy. This vehicle is in original condition and has never been restored.


Renault 8 Gordini
Renault 8 Gordini.


 Bugatti Type 57TT front view
1935 Bugatti Type 57TT. 3257cc inline ‘straight’ 8 engine with DOHC. This is the only factory body in existence which was factory converted from Ventroux coach for the 1935 Ulster TT race.


Bugatti Type 57TT side view
Bugatti Type 57TT side view. The car is surprisingly long. The Bugatti is still under restoration, but quite nice that the owner has brought it out for public display. Plenty at the rear for when you take it shopping.


 Bugatti Type 57TT Mechanical brakes
Bugatti Type 57TT mechanical drum brakes.

From the notes about this Bugatti TT:

Driven by Earl Howe in the 1935 Ulster TT achieving third-place with the second fastest time at an average of 79.92mph the vehicle was then used for personal transport by Bugatti’s number one driver, Jean Pierre Wimelle. It was then sold to Perre Levegh(Bouillon) and driven to 8th place in the 1937 Marseilles Grand Prix

It was then bought by a Frenchman who shipped the car to the UK where he lapped the Brooklands racetrack at over 122 mph (195kph).

It was brought to Western Australia by Duncan Ord in 1938 who raced the car in 1939 for the Pingelly Grand Prix with the fastest time.

The vehicle also gained fastest time at Albany in the same year, as well as a lap record in Applecross and set a lap record Caversham. It was on this day at Caversham that the vehicle experienced an unfortunate accident on the racetrack.

It was then sold to Geoff Phillips and then onto Phill Hind who shortened the chassis and fitted a different body.

It changed hands again, this time to David Van Dal and then in 1957 it was purchased by the present owner, James Krajancich.

This is the only factory bodied TT car in existence. Two were specially built as TT’s by the factory. The other car’s original Stilvio body was replaced, another motor fitted and then sold as a production car.”


Amilcar C4 1924
1924 Amilcar C4. Owned by Frank & Pam Selley.


1926 Citroen B12
1926 Citroen B12. Driven to Victoria and then back to Perth…phew!


 1903 DeDion Bouton Type R
1903 DeDion Bouton Type R. Owned by Ray & Angie Selley.

This De Dion was first found in 1940 in a chicken house in North Adelaide. The body was missing and many parts had been taken off. After several restoration attempts by different owners, the car made it’s way to Perth, where the present owner has spent the last 7 years restoring it.

DeDion Bouton single cylinder engine
The DeDion Bouton’s tiny single cylinder engine.


 De Dion identification badge
The De Dion’s metal identification badge plates.


DeDion gear change levers
The De Dion’s gear change levers (I think?)


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4 thoughts on “French Car Festival

  1. Nice site Jeff! Just a heads-up: The sweet red Renault R8 (owned by John and Alex Waterhouse), Peter Olsen’s green Renault 4CV, the red Renault Alpine A110 (owned by Stef Brayley)and the brown Renault 10S and red Renault Caravelle hardtop(both owned by Syd Middleton), were all attending the French Car Festival under the auspices of S.I.V.A. (the Special Interest Vehicle Association of WA Inc.).


    Ian Newman
    Registrar, S.I.V.A.