1984 Holden VK Commodore Vacationer – End of the road

Holden VK CommodoreThe VK wagon was originally purchased in 2002 for $900 as a licensed vehicle for the purpose of supplying spare parts for its stablemate VK Vacationer (same colour and specs). The car had few problems, the main one being a 10mm hole in the cast aluminum intake manifold. It was also needing repairs to the steering rack and the left front shock absorber was completely stuffed.

Incredibly, not long after, the other VK virtually fell apart with engine and transmission problems and it was decided the $900 ‘spare parts’ VK wagon would be easier to fix, and it was still licensed making it a repairable prospect.

The intake manifold was repaired with Selley’s Epoxy Knead It Putty, the steering rack repaired & front shockie replaced. The car was a ready to go.

Amazingly, the repair done to the manifold with Selley’s Epoxy putty stayed intact for 8 years without a problem.

For the next 8 years on the road, it proved to be quite a reliable car and started first time every-time. The Trimatic auto transmission never missed a beat either.

Fuel consumption was a real shocker though, the 5 litre 308 V8 certainly was a thirsty beast.

Unfortunately, the car finally fell victim to the WA Police Christmas blitz. Old cars are on their hit list this season so watch out, fellow old car drivers. It received a yellow sticker with 10 days notice and that was that for the old VK, it would not be worth taking over the pits for re-licensing. End of the road.

Like a faithful old employee due to retire in 1 year, it was an unexpected and forced early retirement with 10 days notice to clear out the desk.

She sure was a great car and I will miss driving her. 🙁

Holden VK Vacationer Wagon
The heavy duty roof rack and tow bar, made this perfect for my line of business.

Holden VK Vacationer Wagon
Gaffer tape repair to the front bumper.

Holden VK Vacationer Wagon

Holden VK Vacationer Wagon
Yellow sticker – Defect notice… or for this car it is ‘Death Notice’.

Holden VK Vacationer Wagon

Holden VK Vacationer Wagon

Holden VK Vacationer Interior
Interior was well worn, but it was like a comfortable pair of old jeans.

Commodore 5 Litre 308 V8
The original 5 litre V8, old but still going. A heavy drinker.

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