Toyota Hilux SR5 Stolen & Burnt Out

I took these incredible photos of a late model Toyota Hilux SR5 which was stolen and then set alight by car thieves. The fire brigade managed put the fire out, however it was too late, the vehicle was a badly burnt and a complete right off.

This Hilux looked liked it belonged to a tradie, all his tools were still in the back…albeit completely burnt of course.

What a waste and what a shame to do to this someone’s work vehicle. No doubt car thieves don’t give a rats arse about how hard someone has worked for this vehicle.

Hilux SR5 burnt
The sad remains of the Toyota Hilux SR5 the morning after.

Hilux SR5 burnt
The tail lights survived the fire.

Hilux SR5 burnt
Badly burnt, but the tires and engine also escaped.

Toyota Hilux SR5 stolen and burnt
Check the alloy rollover bar…it’s melted.

Melted glass from side window
So intense was the heat of the fire that the window glass has melted.

Interior is completely gutted
The interior is completely gutted. Probably started with petrol.

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